Hello my beautiful children,

I have just finished recording my 4th (4th!) album at Ghosttown Studio in Leeds, and I'm knee deep in plans, plans, plans! I am well and truly over my rest from gigs, and am looking forward to getting out there and touring across the UK and Europe come October (when the album is released). The album is short, sharp, energetic and more diverse than before, and it will be called "Brains of Britain". I've been busy setting up my own record label - Manekineko Music - and this album will be it's first release. I'll shortly be working on some music videos with the incredible Scottish queer arts group Lock Up Your Daughters, with plans to finally make that USA tour happen in early 2015. I must tell you my loyal chickens, that I really feel like I've hit the nail hard on it's head with this mini album of art-punk-pop-noise, and I can't wait to unleash it on you.

If you have an interesting radio show, magazine, 'zine, blog etc and would like a copy of Brains of Britain to review/play/whatever, drop me a line at ste.mccabe.music@gmail.com.

Love from the Scottish queer council flat dungeon,

Ste and the animals xx