Monday, 2 May 2016

Press 2014 - 2015


Interview in the Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco's weekly LGBT newspaper and the longest printed LGBT paper in the USA) ahead of my gig there as part of my USA tour (March '15).

Great write-up by Accidental Bear about my San Francisco gig which offers some very wise words about supporting queer musicians! (March '15)

Interview for The F Word (contemporary UK feminism) on DIY touring, 90's feminist girls, harrowing breakdowns and tory-hating. (March '15)

"A particularly snotty vocal and lyrical quality" - Razorcake on Brains of Britain. Ta dears! (Nov '14)

A lovely write up from Le Petit Bulletin as a preview to my gig with Mayr in Grenoble, France. (Nov '14). It's in French, but I'm assured it's mostly very nice with a little sarcasm about my nasal voice!

Transnational Queer Underground featured my video for Cockroach - thank you queers! (Nov '14)

Great review for Brains of Britain from The Rocktologist (Nov '14)

My track "Fool" can be dowloaded as part of Tom Robinsons Mixtape, aired on BBC 6Music in November 2014.

Thanks to Testifying Time Radio Show and Tom Hingley's World of Ignorants on Fab Radio for interviewing me for their shows while I was touring the UK...and to all the stations who've played tracks from Brains of Britian...which I'm happy to say I've lost count of!

Another very very nice review for Brains of Britain from Skin Back Alley - 4/5 (Oct '14)

This is a lovely write up from the Borders Telegraph (Scottish Borders Newspaper, Oct '14)

Nice wee feature for my Cockroach video from The Sunday Experience (Oct '14)

This review for Brains of Britain from The Ringmaster Review is excellent (even though it confuses me!) (Oct '14)

Ace review for Brains of Britain from The Devil Has The Best Tuna (Sep '14).

A sly dig or two at "Brains of Britain" here from The Crack Magazine. How very dare they! (Sep '14)

Excellent review for my new album "Brains of Britain"! 4/5 from Songwriting Magazine (Sep '14)

Some nice words from those lovely hairy American gays over at Accidental Bear (Aug '14)

Reviews, features, interviews and other relevant stuff from the years 2006 - summer 2014 can be found on the old archived Ste McCabe site - click HERE.

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