2nd May 2016....


Hello chickens! The days of my guitar-electro-queer-punk music are gone, hence this basic website. 

I am working on a new act for 2017 so keep an eye on my Facebook music page or sign up to my mailing list below for updates.

I have been writing short fiction to stop myself going bonkers, and my first published story has recently appeared on the Gay Flash Fiction website. 

My blog post which explains why I finished with the queer-punk thing can be read by scrolling down to the bottom of the site. My press page and my USA tour blog from 2015 (which many of you seemed to like!) are also on the blog.

You can listen to and buy all of my albums (and get my farewell zine "Now That's What I Call Invisible")from Bandcamp.com. My last (2014) album Brains of Britain can be streamed below for your pleasure. 


I have a fun blog where I interview DIY musicians with tarot cards here!

Finally, here's my favourite video, Accessorise (the Come-Dine-with-Ste experience, made by Lukasz Waclawski in 2011). Enjoy!

Ste xxx