Friday, 7 July 2017

I am a Saint

My new performance name is Saint McCabe, and new music is coming very soon.

My debut EP as Saint McCabe will be recorded in France with the inimitable French art-pop act Kings Queer in the beautiful City of Besançon in August 2017. The release will likely be in late September/early October.

The music will be pop, slightly melancholic, a tad dark, and then later...whatever I want it to be. I have been inspired by cold wave music, underground European electronic acts, over-the-top Eurovision performances and tarot cards. 

I am about to start work with the very talented Robert Motyka from Wee Dog Design on creating an exciting visual show for my live performances.  

My debut gig is booked for Edinburgh on 29th October, as part of the incredible Miss Annabel Sings Show (a spin-off from Dive Queer Party). I’ll then be performing in Vienna with my favourite DIY band First Fatal Kiss in the winter. More news on the gigs later this year! Onwards and upwards!

Love Saint McCabe xx

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Short Stories and a New Pop Act for 2017

Chickens! As you may or may not have noticed, I was quiet in 2016 while the world lost its marbles. But here's some news!

I am working on a new shiny pop act (with a new name) for later this year, so keep an eye on my Facebook page or sign up to my mailing list for updates. I am busy selling off old equipment to buy new toys, I have recording time planned, and I'm raring to go. Life without music is no life at all, but expect something very different from me for these evil times.

I am proud to announce that I was a finalist in The Furious Gazelle's February Writing Contest for my story 'Him Next Door' - a revenge story for people who love cats. Another story of mine, 'Hallo!', was recently published on Gay Flash Fiction.

All the music is over at Bandcamp.

More news as and when I have some,

Ste xx