I’m SAINT MCCABE. I’m a melancholic, unpatriotic electro/synthpop musician from Liverpool. I live in a small seaside town in Scotland.

I am inspired by underground cold wave electronic bands, trashy Eurovision performances and many other things.

My debut 3-track EP, recorded with the amazing King's Queer, is out now on Bandcamp.

Watch the new video for ‘Everything That’s English’, made by Lukasz Waclawski:

My live gigs are a collaboration with the very talented VJ and film-maker Robert Motyka from Wee Dog Media, who I work with to turn the performances into a vibrant, stunning and extremely visual experience. Hope to see you at a gig soon!

My old electro-punk act that I performed under my real-life name of Ste McCabe (2006-2015) is over. There's some archived stuff on this website under the 'Ste McCabe Archive' label if that's your fancy.

Saintly love x


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For all music enquiries, contact me directly at ste.mccabe.music (at) gmail.com

Saint McCabe Images

Above photo from the debut Saint McCabe gig at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 29/10/17 (photo by Robert Motyka)

Above photo from the debut Saint McCabe gig at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 29/10/17 (photo by Robert Motyka)

Above image by Robert Motyka

Above: Musselburgh Seaside photo (with my bony whippet, Euro). Photo by Lukasz Waclawski.

Above photo taken at Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts, November 2017. By Robert Motyka.

Above photo taken at Musselburgh seaside, by Lukasz Waclawski.

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Past Gigs

Saint McCabe Gigs
23/11 - Glasgow Scotland - 'Being Human - Digital/Analogue' @ Centre for Contemporary Arts
17/11 - Vienna, Austria - Fireworking w/First fatal Kiss @ Rhiz
29/11 - Edinburgh, Scotland - The Miss Annabel Sings Show @Traverse Theatre (*Debut Saint McCabe gig!*)

Ste McCabe Gigs

2006 - 2015
Around 200 gigs across Europe (and a few USA tours) under my own name, Ste McCabe, doing my old political electro-punk thing

Stephen Nancy Gigs

2000 - 2002
Various gigs in England (mostly Manchester) with my 3-piece punk band, Stephen Nancy. Oh, sweet youth!

Saint McCabe Press, Reviews etc....

"A raw but resonantly personal '80s-referencing fusion of Billy Bragg-style folk politicking with a devil-may-care Hi-NRG sheen - 4/5" 
Review for the Saint McCabe EP from The List (November 2017)

"Under his new guise and change of musical direction, McCabe layers on sentimental synths, sprinkling in some addictive melodies for good measure to deliver a quintessentially English take of the quiet madness of life lived in the sprawling terraced housing in the North of England." 
Review of the track Everything That's English by Electronic North (October 2017)

"What marks out Saint McCabe a clear space of his own is the impressive and expressive vocal which is able to deliver a lilting cadence of ever changing movement." (note - I have no idea what that means but it seems nice!)
Review of the Saint McCabe EP by Emerging Indie Bands (September 2017)

A wee nice posting of the Saint EP appeared on the Jockrock website (October 2017)

Thanks to the Curved Flow channel for posting the full EP on youtube (October 2017)

Here's a wee write up from my first gig in Edinburgh by The Wee Review (for those outside of Scotland, that mean's 'little' review, not a review of urine). (October 2017)

Tracks from my EP have appeared on a number of radio stations; thanks to Amazing Radio (Jim Gallantly), Artefaktor Radio, Under The Pavement, Curved Flow, El Cactus Radiozine, Analogue Trash Radio, Ship Full of Bombs and anyone else I might have missed!


From 2006-2015 I made politicised electro-punk music under my real-life name, Ste McCabe. I toured across Europe and I released several albums/EP's on various indie labels. That part of my musical life has been put to rest now (although I still use the name for real life, if that's alright with you!), but you can find reviews and few other things related to my old music on this website under the Ste McCabe Archive tag (to the right of this page). 

I no longer perform with my real name because it became too closely associated with certain politics and musical styles that feel stale to me now. Whilst I am proud of what I did during this period (mostly!), I needed a fresh slate. This means I am no longer calling myself a 'queer punk' musician, even though I'm obviously still proudly queer and hopefully at least a little bit punk!

Find the old Ste McCabe music at Bandcamp

I am a Saint

7th July 2017....

My new performance name is Saint McCabe, and new music is coming very soon.

My debut EP as Saint McCabe will be recorded in France with the inimitable French art-pop act Kings Queer in the beautiful City of Besançon in August 2017. The release will likely be in late September/early October.

The music will be pop, slightly melancholic, a tad dark, and then later...whatever I want it to be. I have been inspired by cold wave music, underground European electronic acts, over-the-top Eurovision performances and tarot cards. 

I am about to start work with the very talented Robert Motyka from Wee Dog Design on creating an exciting visual show for my live performances.  

My debut gig is booked for Edinburgh on 29th October, as part of the incredible Miss Annabel Sings Show (a spin-off from Dive Queer Party). I’ll then be performing in Vienna with my favourite DIY band First Fatal Kiss in the winter. More news on the gigs later this year! Onwards and upwards!

Love Saint McCabe xx

Short Stories and a New Pop Act for 2017

15th February 2017....

Chickens! As you may or may not have noticed, I was quiet in 2016 while the world lost its marbles. But here's some news!

I am working on a new shiny pop act (with a new name) for later this year, so keep an eye on my Facebook page or sign up to my mailing list for updates. I am busy selling off old equipment to buy new toys, I have recording time planned, and I'm raring to go. Life without music is no life at all, but expect something very different from me for these evil times.

I am proud to announce that I was a finalist in The Furious Gazelle's February Writing Contest for my story 'Him Next Door' - a revenge story for people who love cats. Another story of mine, 'Hallo!', was recently published on Gay Flash Fiction.

All the music is over at Bandcamp.

More news as and when I have some,

Ste xx