From 2006-2015 I made politicised electro-punk music under my real-life name, Ste McCabe. I toured across Europe and I released several albums/EP's on various indie labels. That part of my musical life has been put to rest now (although I still use the name for real life, if that's alright with you!), but you can find reviews and few other things related to my old music on this website under the Ste McCabe Archive tag (to the right of this page). 

I no longer perform with my real name because it became too closely associated with certain politics and musical styles that feel stale to me now. Whilst I am proud of what I did during this period (mostly!), I needed a fresh slate. This means I am no longer calling myself a 'queer punk' musician, even though I'm obviously still proudly queer and hopefully at least a little bit punk!

Find the old Ste McCabe music at Bandcamp