Saint McCabe Press, Reviews etc....

"A raw but resonantly personal '80s-referencing fusion of Billy Bragg-style folk politicking with a devil-may-care Hi-NRG sheen - 4/5" 
Review for the Saint McCabe EP from The List (November 2017)

"Under his new guise and change of musical direction, McCabe layers on sentimental synths, sprinkling in some addictive melodies for good measure to deliver a quintessentially English take of the quiet madness of life lived in the sprawling terraced housing in the North of England." 
Review of the track Everything That's English by Electronic North (October 2017)

"What marks out Saint McCabe a clear space of his own is the impressive and expressive vocal which is able to deliver a lilting cadence of ever changing movement." (note - I have no idea what that means but it seems nice!)
Review of the Saint McCabe EP by Emerging Indie Bands (September 2017)

A wee nice posting of the Saint EP appeared on the Jockrock website (October 2017)

Thanks to the Curved Flow channel for posting the full EP on youtube (October 2017)

Here's a wee write up from my first gig in Edinburgh by The Wee Review (for those outside of Scotland, that mean's 'little' review, not a review of urine). (October 2017)

Tracks from my EP have appeared on a number of radio stations; thanks to Amazing Radio (Jim Gallantly), Artefaktor Radio, Under The Pavement, Curved Flow, El Cactus Radiozine, Analogue Trash Radio, Ship Full of Bombs and anyone else I might have missed!