I’m SAINT MCCABE. I’m a melancholic, unpatriotic electro/synthpop musician from Liverpool. I live in a small seaside town in Scotland.

I am inspired by underground cold wave electronic bands, trashy Eurovision performances and many other things.

My debut 3-track EP, recorded with the amazing King's Queer, is out now on Bandcamp.

Watch the new video for ‘Everything That’s English’, made by Lukasz Waclawski:

My (very occasional) live gigs are a collaboration with the super talented VJ and film-maker Robert Motyka from Wee Dog Media, who I work with to turn the performances into a vibrant, stunning and extremely visual experience. Below is a showreel made by Robert. Hope to see you at a gig soon.

Saint McCabe from Wee Dog Media on Vimeo.

If you have found this webpage, it probably means that you know the music I created under my real-life name of Ste McCabe. I no longer perform those songs or use my real name for music, but you can find it all on Bandcamp.

Saintly love x